Uwe Gottschalk Process Scale Purification of Antibodies

author Uwe Gottschalk
isbn 9781119126928
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focusing on how they can address the capacity crunch in antibody purification • Emphasizes antibodies and innovative chromatography methods for processing,Promoting a continued and much-needed renaissance in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, and strategies for ton-scale manufacturing • Presents new and updated discussions of different purification technologies, novel antibody formats and alternative scaffolds, this book covers the different strategies and assembles top-tier technology experts to address the challenges of antibody purification. • Updates existing topics and adds new ones that include purification of antibodies produced in novel production systems, novel separation technologies

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Wilson Chin C. Resistivity Modeling. Propagation, Laterolog and Micro-Pad Analysis
17846.10 РУБ
Jules Janick Plant Breeding Reviews, Volume 38
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