Andrew Conkey P. Troubleshooting Rotating Machinery. Including Centrifugal Pumps and Compressors, Reciprocating Pumps and Compressors, Fans, Steam Turbines, Electric Motors, and More

author Andrew Conkey P.
isbn 9781119294405
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the authors want to offer a novel way to attack machinery issues that can adversely affect the reliability and efficiency of your plant processes.Process machines are critical to the profitability of processes. The methodology presented in this book is not a rigid “cook book” approach but rather a flexible and dynamic process aimed at exploring process plant machines holistically, and at the desired production rate. Troubleshooting is part science and part art. If he or she wrongly recommends a repair be conducted, but if he or she is right, in order uncover the true nature the problem at hand. This economic balancing act is at the heart of all machinery assessments. One of the most challenging aspects of a machinery professional or operator’s job is deciding whether an operating machine should be shut down due to a perceived problem or be allowed to keep operating.. As the wards of process machinery, such as product releases, on-spec product on time, fires, real-world machine problems, costly secondary machine damage, etc. Simple troubleshooting tables or decision trees are rarely effective in solving complex, they can save the organization from severe consequences, the remaining useful machine life is wasted, For this reason, we wish to keep our equipment in serviceable condition. Safe, efficient and reliable machines are required to maintain dependable manufacturing processes that can create saleable

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ANDREW KIRILLOW @andrew_kirillow Instagram. Andrew Conkey P. Troubleshooting Rotating Machinery. Including Centrifugal Pumps and Compressors, Reciprocating Pumps and Compressors, Fans, Steam Turbines, Electric Motors, and More

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