K. Mittal L. Progress in Adhesion and Adhesives

author K. Mittal L.
isbn 9781119162322
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. The subjects of the reviews fall into 4 general areas: 1. The rationale for publication of this book is that currently the RAA has limited circulation, and thought-provoking review articles. Adhesives and adhesive joints 4. General Adhesion Aspects The topics covered include: Adhesion of condensed bodies at microscale; imparting adhesion property to silicone material; functionally graded adhesively bonded joints; synthetic adhesives for wood panels; adhesion theories in wood adhesive bonding; adhesion and surface issues in biocomposites and bionanocomposites; adhesion phenomena in pharmaceutical products and applications of AFM; cyanoacrylate adhesives in surgical applications; ways to generate monosort functionalized polyolefin surfaces; nano-enhanced adhesives; bonding dissimilar materials in dentistry; flame treatment of polymeric materials—relevance to adhesion; and mucoadhesive polymers for enhancing retention of ocular drug delivery.This book is based on the 13 review articles written by subject experts and published in 2014 in the Journal Reviews of Adhesion and Adhesives. Polymer surface modification 2. Biomedical, critical, illuminating, pharmaceutical and dental fields 3, so this book provides broad exposure and dissemination of the concise

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Jammu & Kashmir High Court K. Mittal L. Progress in Adhesion and Adhesives

Jules Janick Horticultural Reviews, Volume 43
17846.10 РУБ
Viatcheslav Tikhomirov V. Hydrogeochemistry Fundamentals and Advances, Mass Transfer and Mass Transport
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