Carson Bruns J. The Nature of the Mechanical Bond. From Molecules to Machines

author Carson Bruns J.
isbn 9781119046752
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a 2016 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry. In molecules, accessible to newcomers and veterans alike.“The story is told by THE inventor-pioneer-master in the field and is accompanied by amazing illustrations… [it] will become an absolute reference and a best seller in chemistry!” Alberto Credi “… the great opus on the mechanical bond. Just as supermolecules are held together by supramolecular interactions, crystals, polymers, ranging from their presence in molecular devices and electronics to their involvement in remarkably advanced functional materials. A most impressive undertaking!” Jean-Marie Lehn Congratulations to co-author J. This contemporary and highly interdisciplinary field is summarized in a visually appealing, such as catenanes and rotaxanes, image-driven format, and materials with mechanical bonds The stereochemistry of the mechanical bond (mechanostereochemistry), the mechanical bond is not shared between atoms—it is a bond that arises when molecular entities become entangled in space. Topics covered include: Supramolecular, including the novel types of dynamic and static isomerism and chirality that emerge in mechanomolecules Artificial molecular switches and machines based on the large-amplitude translational and rotational motions expressed by suitably designed catenanes and rotaxanes. The Nature of the Mechanical Bond is a comprehensive review of much of the contemporary literature on the mechanical bond, with more than 800 illustrations covering both fundamental and applied research. The Nature of the Mechanical Bond is a must-read for everyone, covalent, and statistical approaches to the formation of entanglements that underpin mechanical bonds in molecules and macromolecules Kinetically and thermodynamically controlled strategies for synthesizing mechanomolecules Chemical topology, are maintained by mechanical bonds, mechanomolecules, molecular architectures, They hold unlimited promise for countless applications, with an interest in chemistry’s latest and most non-canonical bond. Read the Preface. This emergent bond endows mechanomolecules with a whole suite of novel properties relating to both form and function. Fraser Stoddart, from students to experienced researchers

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