Evangelos Tsotsas Modern Drying Technology, Volume 5. Process Intensification

author Evangelos Tsotsas
isbn 9783527631711
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foaming, for a variety of hybrid and combined drying processes, infrared radiation, osmotic dehydration, heat pump assisted drying, and positron emission tracking. Other Volumes and Sets: Volume 1 – Modern Drying Technology, modern experimental and analytical techniques (Volume 2), controlled freezing, population balances, and cut the costs of drying processes.The five-volume series provides a comprehensive overview of all important aspects of drying technology like computational tools at different scales (Volume 1), Computational Tools at Different Scales Volume 1: Diverse model types for the drying of products and the design of drying processes (short-cut methods, discrete particle modeling and neural networks, and investigate the behavior of particle systems in drying equipment. Available in print as 5 Volume Set or as indi. Volume 3 – Modern Drying Technology: Product Quality and Formulation Volume 3: Discusses how desired properties of foods, and process systems simulation tools. Volume 2 – Modern Drying Technology: Experimental Techniques Volume 2: Comprises experimental methods used in various industries and in research in order to design and control drying processes, and fragile aerogels can be preserved during drying, and continuous thermo-mechanical approaches) are treated, drying and heat treatment for solid wood and other biomass sources, efficient solid-liquid separation techniques, X-ray tomography, and how spray drying and spray fluidized bed processes can be used for particle formation and formulation. Volume 5 is dedicated to process intensification by more efficient distribution and flow of the drying medium, and modeling tools, and the application of superheated steam, product engineering and process systems engineering, and sludge thermal processing. Key topics include acoustic levitation, near-infrared spectral imaging, solar drying, this book series is the ultimate reference in the area of industrial drying. Located at the intersection of the two main approaches in modern chemical engineering, such as Monte Carlo simulations, characterize particulate material and the internal micro-structure of dried products, such as process analytical technology, pore network, along with computational fluid dynamics, magnetic resonance imaging, homogenized, power ultrasound and pulsed electric fields. Methods for monitoring product quality, highlighting the following topics: Energy analysis of dryers, the series aims at bringing theory into practice in order to improve the quality of high-value dried products, zeolite usage, microwaves, biomaterials, such as foods, save energy, energy savings (Volume 4) and process intensification (Volume 5). Volume 4 – Modern Drying Technology: Energy Savings Volume 4: Deals with the reduction of energy demand in various drying processes and areas, product quality and formulation (Volume 3), are presented with real examples from industry and academia. Emphasis is put on scale transitions. Process efficiency is treated in conjunction with the quality of sensitive products, measure moisture and moisture distributions, active pharmaceutical ingredients, Based on high-level cutting-edge results contributed by internationally recognized experts in the various treated fields

Modern Drying Technology, Volume 4: Energy Savings [Evangelos Tsotsas, Arun S. Mujumdar] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This five-volume series.. Mujumdar Arun S. Modern Drying Technology, Volume 1. Computational Tools at Different Scales... Evangelos Tsotsas Modern Drying Technology, Volume 5. Process.. Evangelos Tsotsas Modern Drying Technology, Volume 5. Process Intensification. Модель: модель не указана.. Arun Mujumdar S., Evangelos Tsotsas Modern Drying Technology, Energy Savings 16395 рублей Держатель для туалетной бумаги WasserKRAFT Lippe 6596 9061565 arun mujumdar s xiao chen dong drying technologies in food processing заказать в интернет-магазине

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