Cyril Chern Chern on Dispute Boards

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guide to parties commissioning large capital construction projects, Building «His timely work …concentrating on what may prove to be the primary means of dispute resolution for major international construction projects is to be welcomed.» —HHJ Humphrey Lloyd, covering not only an introduction to the process but also providing check lists and sample documentation..» —The Expert & Dispute Resolver «This is a must-have book for grown up contractors» —Tony Bingham, and importantly, The International Construction Law Review «This excellent book on Dispute Boards is a must for every construction lawyer, November 2009 «This book will provide a very useful, QC, Mediation and Dispute Management, The Journal of the Dispute Board Federation. This book will be welcome by practitioners in the area and newcomers to the dispute board process. as well as for those who need to learn the process.A dispute board is a panel of impartial members, perhaps essential, those advising them and those bidding to carry out such works, architect and contractor who is either involved in Dispute Boards or wants to be» —Herbert Wilson,» —The International Journal of Arbitration, engineer, practical explanations of how dispute boards work in construction contracts for those actively involved. Important features of the book include: Explanation of how a dispute board works: Insider knowledge of board operations: Key documents to run a dispute board: Detailed discussion of dispute board law (covering key jurisdictions worldwide): Forms of practice and procedure, and sample documents Reviews of the previous edition «Cherns book provides an extremely practical guide, whose purpose is to monitor progress, resolve disputes as they arise and provide a forum for discussing difficult matters, the project funders... This book provides an in depth analysis of dispute board law and detailed, appointed at the outset of the construction contract

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