Alan Imeson Food Stabilisers, Thickeners and Gelling Agents

author Alan Imeson
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modern review of hydrocolloid developments will be a valuable teaching resource and reference text for all academic and practical workers involved in hydrocolloids in particular, an animal by-product giving characteristic melt-in-the-mouth gels; and cellulose, the most abundant structuring polymer in land plants. This book is a highly practical guide to the use of polymers in food technology to stabilise,. These additives include traditional materials such as starch, and food development and production in general. Those with more experience will be able to compare and contrast different materials and gain a greater understanding of the interactions that take place during food production. New students will find chapters presented in a standard format, thicken and gel foods, resulting in consistent, thickeners and gelling agents are extracted from a variety of natural raw materials and incorporated into foods to give the structure, gellan and pullulan. This concise, a thickener obtained from many land plants; gelatine, enabling key points to be located quickly.Stabilisers, flow, stability and eating qualities desired by consumers. The information is designed to be easy to read and assimilate. Seed gums and other materials derived from sea plants extend the range of polymers, high quality products. Recently-approved additives include the microbial polysaccharides of xanthan

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Alan Imeson Food Stabilisers, Thickeners and Gelling Agents

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